Early Development of Huntley

Bricks Paved the Way – A Brief History of Woodstock Street

Huntley celebrated the 100th anniversary of the paving of Woodstock Street on May 6, 2017.  Woodstock Street has been in existence for over 170 years.  It began as a dirt path for horses and wagons and served as a rudimentary route from Woodstock to Huntley’s square.  The square boasted many flourishing businesses and the train depot sat just south of the square where Woodstock Street ended.  Farmers driving wagons  heavy with milk cans and horses struggled along the street during inclement weather when the road became muddy.  In 1916,…

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Village of Huntley town square

The History of the Village of Huntley, Illinois

The Village of Huntley, founded in 1851, is a rapidly growing community located in southern McHenry County and northern Kane County. Huntley is bisected by Illinois Route 47 north and south, the Union Pacific Railroad northwest and southeast, and bordered on the south by Interstate 90. The Blackhawk Wars of 1834 resulted in terms that sent the first inhabitants of the area, Native Americans, to Iowa, thereby opening up the land to its first white settlers. McHenry County was established…

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Huntley History 100 Years Ago: Local Voices

Huntley Area Public Library Historians Mary Beth Manning and Nancy Bacheller presented “Huntley History: 100 Years Ago” at the library for the monthly program — Local Voices. It was the second time the duo spoke to the community to a packed house. For those that could not make it, and Huntley history buffs, we recorded the event for you to view. Watch Huntley History 100 Years Ago

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Milk Plants and Milk Processing in Huntley

Milk Plants and Milk Processing in Huntley The milk and creamery business in the Huntley area was deemed “An industry upon which much of our present and future prosperity depends” –July 21, 1894 The Huntley News The first cheese factory was established in 1866 by Messrs. Blanchard and Woodworth on the farm of A. W. Nash on Haligus Road in Section 28 of Grafton Township. The first milk factory in Huntley was that of Messrs. Wood and Weltzien. D. E.…

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Sawyer-Kelley Mill

The imposing white building on the south side of Main Street near the town square has been a village landmark since it was built in 1892.   The Village of Huntley recently purchased this property, known by local historians as the Sawyer-Kelley Mill. W. G. Sawyer and John T. Kelley actually owned two grain mills in town.  The first was located in the building originally built in the late 1860s along what today is Route 47. That historic building, most…

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