Local History Cabinets

Local History Cabinet Inventory

North (Green)

Shelf 1 (top):

–Historic Huntley People—Rugh, Statler, Hawley, Dhamer, Weltzien

–Sinnett, Hadley, Lazansky, Anderson & Statler materials

–Hawley Memorabilia

–Devine Extended Family — letters and photos

–Village of Huntley—1999 aerial, calendars, newsletters, Community Council 1958, Lois Lazansky books on Huntley etc.

–Huntley Area Chamber of Commerce newsletters

–Chamber of Commerce Community Guides to 2009 (box 1)

–Chamber of Commerce Community Guides 2010 to present (box 2)

Shelf 2:


–Huntley Historical Society

–Huntley Park District brochures

–Grafton Township and Huntley Fire Protection District

–Huntley School photos 1880s to 1950s

–Huntley School buildings

–School District 158 newsletters

–Huntley Schools printed materials; school papers; basketball

–Huntley Schools, faculty, sports

Shelf 3:

–Huntley People, Cummings & Schmalz CDs, Marlowe, Kelley album, Conley family tree, Margaret Donohue, Purdom store, Oral histories, Red News Clipping Album

–Huntley People, small size photos; American Legion member directory

–Thomas Huntley, Charles Huntley, “When the Huntley’s Came to Huntley”

–Abstracts, Mullin, Heuer, Moerke, Sawyer-Kelley, Kreutzer, Seiler

–Maps (1)

–Maps (2)

–Huntley Historical Photos, incl. original Hawley building

–Huntley’s Churches

Shelf 4:

–Gilberts Historical Records

–Plat Books and Atlases—McHenry and Kane counties; Democratic Precinct handbook

–Gilberts–Tobin and Stumpf items; Rutland Township Road and Bridge book

–McHenry County Atlases 1908 (2 copies)

–Telephone Directories; 1932 Huntley Homecoming; Schachtner poetry; Heideman diaries

–Cemetery books and plat maps, incl. Buena Vista Cemetery

–Mackeben Scrapbook

Shelf 5 (bottom):

–Recipe Books: Country Cookbook, Recipes Remembered, Sharing Recipes, Our Favorite Recipes, St. Mary Church Recipes 1998


Local History Cabinet Inventory

South (Yellow)

Shelf 1 (top):

–Maps (large size rolled up)—1875 Survey Plat “Huntley Station & Out Lots”, Mary Paule Bierlein-Thomas Huntley Genealogy, Dist. 300 School sale c. 1950, Huntley Aerial c. 2004, Huntley Fire and School Districts 1994, Huntley Zoning Map (no date), 1970 NE Illinois Planning Commission map of Grafton Township, 1962 Village of Huntley Zoning Map (several copies), Marlowe Feed layout, 1972 VOH Zoning Map, 1963 McHenry County School Districts, 1979 VOH Zoning Map

–First Congregational Church quilt

–Three boards of distinguished Huntley alumni

Shelf 2:

Shelf 3:

–Framed certificates T. S. Huntley Jr. Sons of the Revolution, judicial capability

–Congregational Church quilt information, framed T.S. Huntley photo, 1995 library photos, poster board of Huntley sites

–Edwin Deicke stole, Bible; Joyce Perbix Huntley photos

–Mackeben slides

–Huntley historic newspapers, Weltzien portraits, framed 1930 HHS, placemats

–Huntley Farmside photos—Miss Huntley, Scouts, Factory Shops, Library, People

–Huntley Veterans Foundation

–Four scrapbooks of 9-11 Memorials at Sun City

Shelf 4:

–Library photos 1999-2002

–Library photos 2002– present

–Large library photos

–Library miscellaneous—includes book club photos and Carol Donahue; 2020 Groundbreaking

–Sun Day Sun City news; Sun City Directory

–Sawyer Kelley Mill

–Hawley Ledgers

–Sesquicentennial news, photos

–1976 Bicentennial and Huntley Centennial; McHenry County Yearbooks 1959 to 1971

–Huntley Square County History week May 2004; Bricks Paved the Way, 2017; Latimer Bike:

Shelf 5 (bottom):

–Special newspaper editions; Huntley-Centegra Hospital

–Photos of Huntley seniors by Helen Walters

–Lioness books and pictures

–Photos donated by Huntley Farmside

–McHenry County History book 1885;

–Huntley business calendars and memorabilia, old road maps

–Framed Weltzien business receipts

–Mayor Jim Dhamer scrapbooks

–Newspaper supplements

–Lawson Clark Family photos and genealogy

Boxes on top of cabinets

-Clanyard Farms framed photo

-Maps—LITH Zoning 2012, VOH Zoning 2010, Huntley Address/Street Index, Huntley/LITH/Algonquin

-Favorite Books Quilt and names

Short Cabinet

–Board of Huntley One-Room Schools

–Huntley Chronicle 1904

–Rutland Schools 1950 auction poster

–Five boards of Huntley moved houses

–Sleeves of Dean’s Milk interior photos

–Conley Business ledgers 1897, 1924, 1929; Village of Huntley 1873 Police Magistrate Court Record

–Conley Ledgers 1948, 1949, 1951, 1957-1961

–Conley Ledgers 1919, 1923, 1931, 1932

–Fencil Fuze Plant Ledgers and memorabilia and box of Fuzes

–Empty boxes


Clearview Cabinet I

Trinity Lutheran Church, Huntley, Illinois, 125 Years of Ministry, 1871-1996

The Diocese of Rockford 1908 – 2008

In Catalog as: History of the Diocese of Rockford 1908 – 2008: Our History, 2007

History of the Diocese of Rockford, Cornelius Kirkfleet, 1924

In Catalog as: The History of the Parishes of the Diocese of Rockford

Japanese Pilgrimage, Oliver Statler, 1983

Shimoda Story, Oliver Statler, 1969

Del Webb, A Man. A Company, Margaret Finnerty, 1999

1 in storage

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, The First Sixty Years, Rita K. Coulter, 1986

(References Edwin Deicke)

Illinois Historic Farms (2005)

Ahrens Family Cookbook, 2011

Recipes Remembered, Huntley Sesquicentennial, 1851-2001

1 in storage

Modern Japanese Prints, Oliver Statler, 1956

Land Atlas and Plat Books, Kane County, IL 1950-2019 (some years missing)

Combination Atlas of McHenry County, Illinois-1872, Everts, Baskin and Stewart,

Reprinted 1872

Japanese Inn, Oliver Statler, 1961

1 in storage

John Huntley of Lyme Conneticut and Descendants, Virgil W. Huntley, 1978

bk.1, bk. 2, bk. 3

The Every Name Index to the Kane County Chronicles, 1979 – 1999

Index to: Kane County, Illinois Probate and Guardianship Records Located in Local

Historical Societies

Kane County Illinois Marriage Record Index, 1836 – 1866

Kane County Illinois Marriage Record Index, 1867 – 1877

Kane County Illinois Marriage Record Index, 1878 – 1893

Kane County Illinois Marriage Record Index, 1894 – 1906

Kane County Illinois Naturalization Index 1857 – 1906

In Catalog as: Kane County Illinois Naturalization Records 1857 – 1906

Kane County Illinois Naturalization Index 1906 – 1955

McHenry County Illinois Marriages Volume II, 1878 – 1885

McHenry County Illinois Marriages Volume III, 1886 – 1893

McHenry County Illinois Cemeteries Volume I: Northwest Townships

McHenry County Illinois Cemeteries Volume II: Southwest Townships

Surname Guide to Kane County, Illinois Cemeteries

All Japan: The Catalogue of Everything Japanese, 1984

The Blackship Scroll, Oliver Statler, 1964

1 in storage

Service Record, World War I and II Huntley and Community — 2 additional in storage

History of the 36th Regiment,Illinois Volunteers during the War of Rebellion (1876),

Bennett and Haigh, 1999

Looking Back at Gilberts, Nancy Bacheller and Bob Aury, 2012

McHenry County 1832 – 1968, Lowell Albert Nye, 1968

1 in storage

Saint Mary Church: 2002 Parish Family Directory, 2002

1 in storage

At Home in Huntley, 1851-2001, 2001

1 in storage

Huntley, Illinois, Images of America, Nancy S. Bacheller, 2009

1 in storage

Historic Homes of McHenry County, Northwest Herald, 2005

Huntley Centennial, 1851 – 1951

3 copies in storage

Huntley House Walk, Sesquicentennial, August 18, 2001, House Walk Committee (2 copies)

1 copy in storage

Old Chicago Houses, John Drury, 1976

The Dairy Route, Carl F. Gustafson, 1967

Biographical Director of Tax-payers and Voters of McHenry County, 1877 (2 copies)

Historic Country Schools of McHenry County, Robert W. Frenz, 2008

1 in storage

History of McHenry County, v.1, v.2, 1922

The Archaeology of McHenry County, Rochelle Lurie, 2006

McHenry County Memories: The Early Years 1800s-1939,

presented by the Northwest Herald, Shaw Media

Mc Henry County Self-Guided Barn Tour, The Year of the Barn,

McHenry County Historical Society, 1977

Mc Henry County in the Twentieth Century, 1994

McHenry County Historical Society and Heart Publications

McHenry County: A Pictorial History, presented by the Northwest Herald, 2003

Mc Henry County, Illinois, Images of America, Maryan and Dan Pelland, 2001

Lost Farms of McHenry County, Images of America, Glynnis Walker and Arabella Anderson


Commerative Biographical and Historical Record of Kane County, Illinois, 1888

Hampshire, Images of America, Jeanne Mayer and Denise Moran, 2013

1871 Atlas & History of Kane County, Illinois, Thompson and Everts

In Catalog as: Republication of 1871 Combination Atlas and Map of Kane County, Illinois

Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick, Paul Dickson

There Used to Be, Elgin History Museum, Volume Three; TSHuntley Jr., Page 22-23

McHenry County Rural Survey, Grafton Township – 1998

DuPage at 150 and Those Who Shaped Our World (Contains biographies of Deickes)


Clearview Cabinet II

Huntley High School Yearbooks 1948-2021

Huntley High School Yearbooks: 1948, 1949, 1950*, 1951*, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957,

1958, 1959, 1960*, 1961, 1962, 1963*, 1964, 1965*, 1966, 1971*, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975,

1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000,

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

*–plus one copy stored

[Text Wrapping Break]Binders:

Charles Huntley—black binder of stagecoach and mail routes information

The Connor, Davis, Donahue and Hemmer Families History

Davis Family History, by Eugene and Helen Lois Limbaugh, 2001

Duff, Hadley, Lazansky, Sinnet and Statler Families

Dwyer Family Genealogy

1885 McHenry County History

Farm Houses and Farm Buildings

Fencil Fuze Plant (WWII)

Graduating Classes of Huntley High School, 1887 – Present

Hadley, Sinnett, Statler, Lazansky, Rugh Families

Historic Huntley Houses Vol. 1: A-F Algonquin – Fourth

Historic Huntley Houses Vol. 2: G-M Grove – Mill

Historic Huntley Houses Vol 3: Myrtle – Woodstock

Huntley Area Public Library Scrapbook

Johann Koppen Descendants

McHenry County Civil War Casualities, James K. Clegg, 1999

McHenry County Rural Survey 1998

My Paternal Grandfather Ernest Heideman (1839-1915)

Memories of Huntley Residents

Prairie Farmers’ Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders McHenry and Boone Counties, 1917

Obituaries from Personal Collections

Woodstock Street History by Tom Conley 2017

Zickhur Scrapbook – Weddings / Obituaries

Bicentennial the Huntley Link

DVDs and CDs

1888 Biographical and Historical Record of Kane County, Illinois, CD ROM

Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future DVD, Huntley Sesquicentennial 2001

1 in storage; 2 VHS in storage

Cityscapes, Suburban Sprawl, DVD, Anneberg Foundation, 2007

Images of Sesquicentennial, DVD, 2001

In Catalog as: Images of Sesquicentennial: Celebrating the Past,

Embracing the Future, Sesquicentennial 1851- 2001

1 DVD in storage; 1 VHS in storage