Local History Storage Shelves

Cabinet Inventory

North (Green)

Shelf 1 (top):

–Collection of Huntley People—Rugh, Statler, Hawley, Dhamer, Weltzien

–Sinnett, Hadley, Lazansky, Anderson & Statler

–Hawley Memorabilia

–Devine family letters and photos

–Village of Huntley—1999 aerial, calendars, newsletters, Community Council 1958, etc.

–Huntley Area Chamber of Commerce newsletters

–Chamber of Commerce Community Guides to 2009 (box 1)

–Chamber of Commerce Community Guides 2010 to present (box 2)

Shelf 2:


–Huntley Historical Society

–Huntley Park District brochures

–Grafton Township and Huntley Fire Protection District

–Huntley School photos 1880s to 1920s

–Huntley School class photos 1920s to 1980s

–Huntley School buildings

–School District 158 newsletters

            –Huntley Schools printed materials

Shelf 3:

–Huntley People

–Huntley People small size photos

–Thomas Huntley, Charles Huntley


–Maps (1)

–Maps (2)

–Huntley historical photos

–Huntley’s original churches

Shelf 4:

–Gilberts historical records

–Plat books and atlases—McHenry and Kane counties

–Gilberts–Tobin and Stumpf items and Rutland Township Road and Bridge book

–McHenry County atlases 1908 (2 copies)

–Old phone directories

–Cemetery books and plat maps

Shelf 5 (bottom):

            –Conley ledgers 1899 and 1917

–Conley ledgers 1920 to 1940s

–Conley ledgers 1951 to 1959

–Conley ledgers 1958 to 1963

–Fencil Fuze Plant Ledgers and fuzes

Cabinet Inventory

South (Yellow)

 Shelf 1 (top):

–Maps (large size rolled up)

–First Congregational Church quilt

–Three boards of distinguished Huntley alumni

Shelf 2:

–Five boards of Huntley moved houses

–One large framed photo of Clanyard Farm

–Framed certificate T. S. Huntley Jr. Sons of the Revolution

–Framed certificate T.S. Huntley Jr. of judicial capability

–Sleeves of Dean’s Milk interior photos

Shelf 3:

–Congregational Church quilt information, framed T.S. Huntley photo, 1952 framed map

–Huntley historic newspapers, Weltzien portraits

–Edwin Deicke stole, Bible, photos

–Joyce Perbix photos

Shelf 4:

–Library photos 2002– present

–Large library photos

–Library miscellaneous

–Sun Day Sun City news

–Sawyer Kelley Mill

–Hawley Ledgers

–Sesquicentennial news, photos; 1917 Farmers Directory

–1976 Bicentennial and Huntley Centennial

–Huntley Square County History week May 2004

Shelf 5 (bottom):

–Special newspaper editions

–Photos of Huntley seniors by Helen Walters

–Lioness books and pictures

–Photos donated by Huntley Farmside

–McHenry County History book 1885

–Huntley business calendars and memorabilia (Seiler collection)

–Framed Weltzien business receipts

–Jim Dhamer scrapbooks

–Newspaper supplements