25 Must See Items in the Local History Collection

The Huntley Area Public Library has an extensive Local History collection. The staff have selected 25 must see items in the local history collection in honor of the library’s 25th Anniversary.

1.      Daily Journal from the Fencil Fuze Plant 1944-1945

2.      Fuzes & Tubes from the Fencil Fuze Plant

3.      Huntley High School Yearbooks from 1949-2000

4.      100 years of Huntley School class photos from 1880-1980

5.      Town Square Self-Guided Tour handout

6.      First Congregational Church quilt c. 1912

7.      Best Selling Local Author Oliver Statler memorabilia

8.      Family Histories of early Huntley settlers

9.      Historic Local Photographs

10.    Hawley General Store Ledgers 1878-82

11.    Huntley School Newspapers 1907-08, 1924-25

12.    Huntley Milk Plants photos

13.    Local Telephone Directories from 1909

14.    Collection of Huntley Farmside 1964 -2000

15.    1885 McHenry County History book

16.    Videotapes of Huntley’s Sesquicentennial Celebration 2001

17.    Centennial and Bicentennial Celebration photos 1976

18.    Surname Guides to McHenry County and Kane County Cemeteries

19.    Obituary Files of Local Residents from various years

20.    Huntley Military Records

21.    Photo collection of Huntley Area Public Library history

22.    Video Interviews of Local Residents

23.    Illinois Digital Archives

24.    Inventory lists for Files and for the Local History Closet

25.    Historic Huntley Homes information