huntley history

Huntley History at Illinois Digital Archives

The Huntley Area Public Library Local History Department honors Huntley’s rich heritage in collections available on Illinois Digital Archives. There you will find digitized photographs, documents, and other records including the entire run of the Huntley Farmside Newspaper. These materials are available to all and preserve the information for future generations. If you have additional information pertaining to items in this collection, please contact the Huntley Library Local History Department at 847.669.5386. Huntley Area Dairy and Agricultural History This collection highlights Huntley’s…

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Huntley History 100 Years Ago: Local Voices

Huntley Area Public Library Historians Mary Beth Manning and Nancy Bacheller presented “Huntley History: 100 Years Ago” at the library for the monthly program — Local Voices. It was the second time the duo spoke to the community to a packed house. For those that could not make it, and Huntley history buffs, we recorded the event for you to view. Watch Huntley History 100 Years Ago

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Huntley Time Line from 1838-2001

Huntley History Timeline The first permanent white settlers arrived in the Huntley area about 1838. But many other countries had laid claim to Huntley soil before that date. The homeland of the Native Americans was claimed by various nations through years of wars and exploration. 1492 Spain claimed the Western Hemisphere by virtue of Columbus’ discovery 1497 John Cabot claimed the North American continent for the British 1541 The land was under the Spanish flag after DeSoto discovered the Mississippi…

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