Huntley Area Maps 1853 – 2011

 Huntley Area Maps 1953 – 2001 Huntley Station 1853—This earliest map of Huntley Station was made two years after the first train came through the town, but before there was evidence of much development. Note that the present Church Street was originally named Railroad Street south of Main Street and there was no name given … Read more

Early Development of Huntley to 1870

People, places and important dates in the early development of the Village of Huntley, IL.   Grafton Township The terms at the conclusion of the Black Hawk War of 1834 required Native Americans to vacate their land and to move west of the Mississippi River. White settlers began moving into northern Illinois following the war. … Read more

Founding Families

Although the town is named in honor of Thomas Stillwell Huntley, he was not the first to settle in this area. The Whittemore and Cummings families were generally regarded as among the first settlers to make a mark on the area. Prescott Whittemore and his wife, Lucy Geer Whittemore, came to this area in 1838 from New Hampshire.  … Read more