Forster, Sr., Daniel B.

Daniel B. Forster Sr.
Air Force
1971 – 1975

Airman Forster graduated at Sheppard AFB, TX. from U.S. Aircraft Mechanic course. He was trained to repair Air Force Jet Fighters and then assigned to McConnell AFB, KS. with a unit of the Tactical Air Command which supplies combat units for air support of US ground forces. In 1972 – 1973 he was stationed at Korat AFB in Thailand. He became a Crew Chief Mechanic of a F-105 fighter plane. He was part of the 23rd Tact. Fighter Wing the Flying Tigers 561st Tact. Fighter Squadron Wild Weasels. He also serviced other 1 and 2 engine fighter bombers which include F-4’s and A-7’s. The planes he serviced while being stationed there were used to fire missiles and draw out surface to air missiles and to take out sites, if possible.