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The Huntley Link: Illinois Statehood Bicentennial 1818-2018

  The Huntley Link: 200 Years of Huntley Firsts, Facts and Oddities Click here: The Huntley Link   Presented by the Huntley History Research Committee:  Jim Blaskey, Donna Britton Miller, Keith Mallegni, Jake Marino, Lonni Oldham, Geri Rizzo and Nancy Bacheller. The information presented in this document is to the best of our knowledge.  If you have additional facts, please contact Nancy Bacheller at nbacheller@huntleylibrary.org.    

Huntley Time Line from 1838-2001

Huntley History Timeline The first permanent white settlers arrived in the Huntley area about 1838. But many other countries had laid claim to Huntley soil before that date. The homeland of the Native Americans was claimed by various nations through years of wars and exploration. 1492 Spain claimed the Western Hemisphere by virtue of Columbus’ discovery 1497 John Cabot claimed the North American continent for the British 1541 The land was under the Spanish flag after DeSoto discovered the Mississippi…

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Early Development of Huntley to 1870

People, places and important dates in the early development of the Village of Huntley, IL.   Grafton Township The terms at the conclusion of the Black Hawk War of 1834 required Native Americans to vacate their land and to move west of the Mississippi River. White settlers began moving into northern Illinois following the war. The first local government, McHenry County, was formed in 1834.  The Illinois constitution of 1848 gave voters in each county the opportunity to adopt Township…

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Founding Fathers – Thomas S. Huntley

The best known name in the village is, of course, that of the Huntleys. Village namesake Thomas S. Huntley, as well as his oldest son, Charles, led notable and interesting lives. Thomas Huntley (1807-1894) was not the first settler to arrive in this area, but he was the first to envision a thriving community here. Thomas Stillwell Huntley was born March 27, 1807, in Cortland County, New York and lived most of his young adult life there. Much is known…

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Founding Families

Although the town is named in honor of Thomas Stillwell Huntley, he was not the first to settle in this area. The Whittemore and Cummings families were generally regarded as among the first settlers to make a mark on the area. Prescott Whittemore and his wife, Lucy Geer Whittemore, came to this area in 1838 from New Hampshire.  They loaded all their personal belongings and their 10 children onto two wagons and spent nearly seven weeks making the journey over land to Illinois. For years the family lived in…

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Local History Collection Shelf List

(Right Fireplace Book Cabinet) Bottom Shelf Recipes Remembered, Huntley Sesquicentennial, 1851-2001, (2 copies) Huntley Library History, Blue Loose-leaf Binder Huntley Centennial (3 copies) 1851-1951 At Home in Huntley (2 copies) 1851-2001 Trinity Lutheran Church 125 Years of Ministry, 1871-1996 (2 copies) Huntley House-walk, Sesquicentennial (2 copies), August 18, 2001 A Cavalcade of Memories Calendar, Sesquicentennial, 2001-2002 Images of America, Mc Henry County, Illinois, Pelland, Maryan and Dan Sophia’s Stories, as told to Charlotte Kosartes Dehning, by Sophia Papoulis Kosartes Origin…

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